Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stop the junk mail

With the holidays coming up, you can expect your mailbox to start filling up with catalogs. Some retailers will send you new versions of their catalog weekly starting around Halloween. It's not too late to get off some mailing lists for this year. If you want to help the environment, or you just want less clutter arriving at your home daily, go to and indicate the catalogs you no longer want to receive. It takes several weeks for the catalogs to stop coming, but once they do, you'll notice the difference. The nice thing about this system is that YOU choose what you want to stop receiving, so if there's a particular catalog you like, you can continue to receive that one.

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Sam's mom said...

Hey Dawn,
I've just discovered your blog.

Another way to get rid of unwanted catalogs is to simply call the customer service number on the unwanted ones. They are HAPPY to take you off their list. It saves them money not to make and ship unwanted catalogs.

It takes a few months for the request to show, because they frequently have calendars planned pretty far in advance. But, I've never had a company be anything less than enthusiastic about stopping catalogs.

The only catch is that if you order something online, sometimes the catalogs start up again. When that happens I call again, and am usually told to put a note in the comment field that I don't want catalogs.

So, while it's nice to have a service to stop them, it's very, very easy to do it yourself.